Gunman Kills Five People in Washington mall. Another terrorist attack?

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Washington mall shooting— Just when America got through dealing with a week of alleged terrorist attacks that involved bombings in New York and New Jersey, and mall stabbings in Minnesota, another tragedy has occurred at the Cascade Mall in Washington state. Reportedly, a gunman carrying a rifle walked into a Macy’s at the mall and fatally shot four women and one man. The gunman then left the mall and vanished without a trace. Police are still looking for him. The only real evidence they have to go on is a blurry photo taken of him from the surveillance camera in the store.

Washington mall shooting

Reports indicate this gunman was of Hispanic descent, but some spectators are casting doubts on that. When you look at the surveillance photo, it is hard to tell whether the man is Hispanic or Middle-Eastern. If he’s Middle-Eastern, could this mean he is another terrorist like the ones in New Jersey and Minnesota? Like in those cases, the media claims they don’t want to jump to conclusions without knowing all the facts. But if that were true, then why would they say he’s Hispanic if they don’t know for sure? Isn’t that jumping to conclusions as well? This seems to be an attempt by the media to reduce the anti-Muslim sentiment going around in the United States. However, it may not work too well if this gunman ends up being a radicalized Muslim inspired by the ISIS terrorist group.

There have been reports that the suspect was seen hiding behind some buildings near an interstate in Washington. As of right now, the state police have still not located him yet. But it is only a matter of time before they catch him. The FBI is even offering their assistance with the intelligence on this criminal investigation because they want to see if this was a planned attack like the others that happened last week. Could there be a connection between all these killers? We are bound to find out in the coming weeks.

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