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So why on Earth would anyone want to write for Poyint?


  • Well, for starters it’s free… but besides that- it’s your own space to proverbially strut your stuff. 


  • Even though it’s not a social network, per sé, Poyint is built on the back of the ginormous platform, WordPress; so, it’s really easy to use. 


  • You don’t have to worry about the mysteriousness and ever changing SEO- it’s built in. 


  • Plus, this is the first place where you actually get paid to debate and write on your own terms.

Excuse my colloquialism…but “There’s Levels to this”- literally

Even though we have other levels of membership, the point is (and we play on that word a lot): As a FREE member, when you write and submit approved articles, or create non-trolly debates in our forums, you earn from each piece. But to add to the features we’ve tailored Poyint to show off your other talents.

We have a portfolio module where you can display tons of stuff like graphic designs or other works of art (your own obvi…).

And we also have a module where you can submit funny, informative or poignant videos.

And even as a free memeber, you get paid for every view, comment, facebook share, like and quality of work. If we’re like “dang, that pretty cool” or the article or piece or video performs better than expected we could give you a bonus- anywhere from a dollar to 200 dollars. So, that’s pretty cool.

The most interesting reason why anybody would want to write for Poyint is this: we live in a connected world- so connected that any narrative attached to a person or thing creates a conversation that sticks. The way platforms like twitter and facebook are created, they want you to just join the conversation. But we want you to write for Poyint to not only Join the conversation- we want you to change the conversation… Or just create it…

So why write, debate or create for Poyint? Tersely:

1. Even Free members earn
2. Write about pretty much whatever you want.
3. Unlimited income potential- not a get rich quick type of thing.
4. Most importantly, change the conversation.

So change, better yet, CREATE the conversation. Join Now!