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We make it easy to get paid to debate and react to the many
narratives affecting our country. In other words, react to,
comment on, and debate the latest politics, entertainment,
news and sports- and get paid… pretty darn cool.

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Pretty cool stuff- go to our forums right now, start a discussion, share it with friends, family and colleagues and actually get paid. If you like to prove points or believe that a conversation about a topic needs to be started, changed or augmented, then you’re going to have a blast.
You can become a free Author and still be able to create articles that end up on the front page. You can still be a free member and earn from portfolios, graphic design and videography- so you don’t have to write to participate, if you’re not a writer. You can submit original videos, upload designs or photos (great for models), and just show off some cool stuff in your portfolio.
Or You Can Upgrade. Benefits…
Whatever you do, SHARE. One of the best ways to increase relevance is to share- obvi. But when you share on Poyint, your message is heard on Facebook, Twitter and a whole new world wide web of people from other networks. Respond to everyone… not just people who agree with you. That’s how you really change the conversation.

Perks of being a wallflower (Click me if you didn’t read the perks of free membership)

  • Create Better Content
  • Get paid more per article
  • Get bonuses based on performance
  • Ability to promote yourself once you reach a certain status
Super upgraded members can promote their brand like a guest author. Self promotion as a free author will set off red flags to our editors.

Has a teacher ever ripped your paper up and thrown it in the garbage. We’re from the old school and that’s what used to happen to us. Jk… we’ll just warn you

That fickle topic will pain you no more. We use SEO best practices to help you gain visibility. We harness great 3rd party support to make sure your on-page SEO is always in sync with the latest google updates. In other words your content will be optimized in order to be found in search engines. So, all you have to do is write. And don’t worry, your images, videos, will also be indexed in the be G (google).
Easily create lists or other viral content with our drag-n-drop module- for upgraded members. We made this page with it. You can even use our templates. You don’t have to worry about code at all!
It doesn’t matter what you tell me, I don’t want any of that stuff, I’m going to sign up for free!

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Future Free or Upgraded member, the most important thing you can do on this site is to be creative. Have fun creating the conversation!

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  • Get Paid to Create Quality Topics
  • Ability to become a free author
  • Get paid to create your design, video, modeling or other talent portfolio
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Per Month
  • Every perk that free members are privy to
  • earn a 10 cent to 1 dollar quality bonus per post
  • Create articles with a really cool drag-n-drop builder. Cool for creating list, marketing or just really cool pages
A Good place to start!

Awesome to tha MAX


Per Month
  • Every perk that free members are privy to + ability to self promote
  • earn a 50 cent to 50 dollar quality bonus per post
  • Drag-n-drop builder + more money per post
You must really want to be great. Say it… Say it… “LET ME BE GREAT!” Sure thing…

N (nonpareil). Bison


Per Month
  • Every perk that free members are privy to + ability to self promote + Featured on home page
  • earn a 50 cent to 200 dollar quality bonus per post
  • Drag-n-drop builder + more money per post+ performance and quality bonuses for debates and topics created in our forums+Create Page for your Business or Brand (not just articles- have a full page dedicated to your brand)
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