North Carolina Shooting

Cell Phone Video of North Carolina Shooting Released by Victim’s Family

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North Carolina Shooting— There have been protests in Charlotte, North Carolina for days now over the incident that occurred there involving the police shooting of an allegedly unarmed black man named Keith Lamont Scott. The police claim Scott had a handgun but his family claims he was just reading a book and had no weapon at all. So the big question is, was Scott armed at the time he was shot by police or did he just have a book in his hands?

The wife of Scott apparently recorded video of the incident on her cell phone as it was actually taking place. You can hear her saying in the background of the video “Don’t shoot him. He has no weapon.” You can also hear the police officers repeatedly saying “drop the gun” to Scott. His wife claimed her husband had a traumatic brain injury and that he was disabled, which may have been the reason why he couldn’t follow instructions.

Now it is not clear from watching the video whether or not Scott was holding a gun because the footage is blurry and distorted. But you can hear the police eventually shooting Scott in the background, and then later you see what appears to be Scott’s body lying on the street. Police insist they found a loaded gun on the scene and that the DNA, blood, and fingerprints on that gun are a match for Scott.

The public, however, doesn’t seem too convinced about what the police are saying. They believe Scott was not armed and that the police possibly planted the gun to make it look like he was armed. This is what sparked the nearly four nights of protests in Charlotte, with violence and looting occurring during the first few nights. Now the protests have gotten more peaceful after a midnight curfew was set and the National Guard was brought in to assist the police.

This police shooting is just one of many controversial police shootings to occur in the United States in recent years. It likely won’t be the last either.

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