Great Idea: A Drug Test

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donald-trumpWell the final presidential debate is heading for Las Vegas, NV, where pre-employment hillary-clinton
drug testing is used for just about every job in the region and most job incidents or accidents call for drug tests as well.  Drug tests are so widely used that there is a boom of cottage industries that specialize in products that make the tests passable (so they say).   There are hair treatments that cost anywhere between $80 and $150, cleansing elixirs $20-75, and vitamin packs all claiming provide a pass.  There are even self-test kits that will identify what cleansing process will be the most beneficial for each individual case.

As with any program where drug tests are used, like welfare recipient drug testing used in a few states, the most common processes used for testing are based on the budget of the testing agency or company. The less expensive and unsupervised sample collection processes are usually limited in spectrum and not without flaw.  The most definitive and sweeping drug test that’s readily available is the NCAA Championship Level test screen that’s used on all colleges with athletic programs.

For the NCAA test, an attendant of the same gender remains with you while you deliver the sample specimen so that there is no question of authenticity.  The sample is split into multiple packages for the different tests that will be performed, all done in presence of the administrator and the person who is being tested.  The actual list of banned substances for the NCAA is too long for them to even print, but in several promotion pieces the NCAA identifies performance enhancing supplements or drugs, street drugs (the sum of the pre-employment test anywhere else), drugs that provide the evidence blood-doping, steroids, and hormones therapies.  They caution all student athletes that it is ultimately their responsibility to avoid any substances (like supplements) that may contain components of banned substances.  Everything college competitors have in their system is subject to scrutiny unless its part of a known prescription medication that’s been disclosed.   They also have under-market products for masking things on the banned substances list, but the test is so comprehensive it will see those too.




If the candidates do agree to submit to the testing, the NCAA test process has my vote.  That will identify any prescription or ecstasy-01non-prescription medication that they might have come into contact with during the last week.  Mind you that the candidates aren’t competing in a physical race, ok – an athletic race, but some interesting things are bound to surface.  I wouldn’t doubt the presence of added hormones, antibiotics, perhaps steroids for both, a nasal decongestant, perhaps evidence of topical self-tanning foam, and maybe a trace of sildenafil (viagra).

Get the test as soon as possible so the results get back to all of us in time before Wednesday!