71 Dead in Brazilian Football Club’s Plane Crash

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The Brazilian football team “Chapecoense” was flying on a chartered plane to their next big match. While they were flying through Columbia, the plane crashed into the side of a hill and shattered into pieces. There were 77 people onboard the plane when it crashed. It was reported that 71 of those people died while only 6 people survived.

UNGRD is the main emergency management agency of Colombia. They responded to the crash immediately after it happened. Rescue workers first reported there being 81 people on board, but then changed the number to 77 people. According to UNGRD director Carlos Ivan Marquez, there were originally supposed to be 4 additional people but they unexpectedly couldn’t make that particular trip. Right about now, they’re probably counting their lucky stars that they changed their plans at the last minute.

The charter plane that crashed was a British Aerospace 146 which was designed for short hauls only. The airline “LaMia” is the airline that operated the plane. It originally took off from Bolivia with 9 crew members and 68 passengers. On Monday at around 10 P.M., the pilot of the plane cited an emergency situation on the plane involving an electrical failure. This was likely the reason for the crash.

The Chapecoense was scheduled to play the Atletico Nacional at the Copa Sudamericana in Medellin. The 6 people who did survive are in less than perfect condition. One survivor suffered a spinal fracture and had to undergo surgery. Another survivor, who was the goalkeeper of the football team, needed to have his right leg amputated. A flight crew member and a Bolivian flight attendant had also survived and were both in stable condition.

This was certainly a tragedy that has made millions of people around the world weep in sympathy. Even people who aren’t “soccer” fans are still saddened to hear the passing of so many amazing young athletes.

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