92 Dead After Russian Aircraft Crashes into the Black Sea

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A Russian plane which took off from the city of Sochi had crashed shortly afterward into the Black Sea. There were 92 people onboard who were heading to Syria, and all 92 people are reportedly dead. Numerous drones, helicopters and ships are all out in the water searching for survivors, but so far none have been found. Investigators are trying to determine the cause of the plane crash, with some experts thinking it may be a terrorist attack.

The plane was a Tu-154 aircraft and it held 8 crew members and 84 passengers. The Russian military operated the plane, which crashed approximately two minutes after it took off from Sochi. The weather was clear so there is no reason to assume that heavy winds or storms made the plane crash into the sea. While Russian rescue crews were searching the sea, they found pieces of the plane about a mile from shore. They have also recovered 10 dead bodies from the plane as of Sunday afternoon.

The passengers on the plane were part of the famous army choir known as the “Alexandrov Ensemble.” They were on their way to the Syrian province of Latakia to put on a New Year’s concert at an airbase called Hemeimeem. Other passengers onboard included a famous Russian doctor and 9 Russian journalists.

Russian President Vladimir Putin responded to the tragic event on television by declaring Monday as a day of mourning all across Russia. Putin also said, “We will conduct a thorough investigation into the reasons and will do everything to support the victims’ families.”

Since the plane was going to Syria, some suspect that a terrorist might have either gotten onboard the plane to make it crash or they shot it down from the sea. This event comes less than one week after the Russian ambassador to Turkey was assassinated.

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