According to ISIS, their Propaganda Chief has been Killed

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The Islamic State, also known as ISIS, released a statement over the internet in which they claimed their propaganda chief has died. According to the Pentagon, an air strike led by the United States took place in the Raqqa province of Syria last month and was responsible for the death of the ISIS propaganda chief Abu Mohammed al-Furqan.

The online statement by ISIS paid tribute to al-Furqan’s memory. There was nothing mentioned about how, where or when he died in the statement. But the Pentagon claimed their air strike was the reason for his death. al-Furqan was an important member of the ISIS leadership group known as the Senior Shura Council. He was the minister of information that helped recruit new members into the terror group through their propaganda postings on the internet.

ISIS continues to post videos of beheadings on the internet. Their victims are often aid workers and journalists in Syria that were apprehended by ISIS soldiers. However, the propaganda videos don’t often show these gruesome images. Instead, they paint ISIS as a group that stands for something great in this world. They encourage people who are looking for purpose in their lives to join them and fight for their cause.

Over the last few years, there have been reports of Americans and Europeans getting recruited over the internet to join ISIS. But the ones who lived to tell about it claim they were deceived by the propaganda and that it was a living hell as soon as they joined up with them. Hopefully, with the death of al-Furqan, it will greatly damage the online propaganda media that gets generated and distributed by the terrorist group. After all, the biggest threat that civilized countries face is the self-radicalization of its citizens through online propaganda. Once this war is won, homegrown terrorism will diminish.

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