Adult Film Star ‘Jessica Drake’ Accuses Trump of Sexual Misconduct

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Porn Star Jessica Drake is the latest woman to come forward and accuse Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump of making sexual advances toward her that were not consensual. On Saturday, Drake spoke with Los Angeles reporters while Attorney Gloria Allred accompanied her. Drake described her run in with Trump which took place about 10 years ago. They met in Lake Tahoe at a golfing tournament.

At this point in Drake’s career, she was actively doing porn films for Wicked Pictures, which is a company that makes adult films. Drake claimed that Trump flirted with her at the tournament and invited her to walk with him on the golf course. She also mentioned that Trump wanted her number and then wanted her to come to his room later on in the evening. Drake said she was reluctant to go, so she decided to go with two other women just to be safe.

When Drake and the two women arrived in Trump’s suite, she claimed that Trump immediately grabbed each girl aggressively and attempted to hug and kiss them all without their consent. There was supposedly a security guard in the room while this took place. After the initial altercation, Drake said Trump asked her and the girls questions about their professions for about 45 minutes. Then they left and Drake went back to her own room.

As Drake thought she was finished with The Donald, she apparently was not. She said she received a call from a man who wished for her to come back to Donald’s suite and have dinner with him. She refused and then the man kept giving her incentives to come up to the room. She was offered dinner, a chance to ride in Trump’s private jet and even $10,000 in cash. Drake said she made the excuse that she had to get back to Los Angeles to go to work.

Drake told the reporters that she doesn’t want fame or money. She just wants people to know her story because she doesn’t think a presidential candidate should treat women this way.

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