Airbnb Room Has a Super Mario Bros Design Makeover

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Airbnb is a service that allows you to rent rooms in other people’s homes for the night. It is widely used by travelers who don’t want to rent an expensive hotel room and would rather stay someplace homelier. But sometimes, travelers may come across rooms that are designed in a fun and special way.

A property owner in Lisbon, Portugal spent over $11,000 to transform a room in his apartment into a Super Mario Bros themed room. The owner, Andre Farinha, is a video game programmer and a longtime fan of Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros franchise.  He basically recreated scenes from his favorite Mario games and placed them on the walls of the room. One wall even shows a scene from the classic game Donkey Kong, which also features Mario. As soon as a guest steps into this room, they’ll truly feel like they’ve been transported into a video game.

In addition, the room includes a Nintendo Wii U console, two 3DS handheld units, and over 20 Wii U video games. Farinha will let up to two people rent the room through Airbnb. The renters will be able to play the video gaming systems, sleep in the room, and even be able to dress up in Mario and Luigi costumes.

Farinha has two other rooms in his apartment that he is renting out as well. One of the rooms is designed with a Star Wars theme. And if you go to the bathroom, you’ll see some Mario designs in there including a big green pipe that leads right to the toilet.

To rent this Mario room, it will cost you $39 per night. Apparently, there is a lot of interest on Airbnb from people all around the world who want to stay in this room. So it looks like Farinha’s investment is going to pay off quickly.

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