Amazon Could Open Over 2,000 Grocery Store Locations

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Amazon was originally known for being the biggest online book retailer in the world. Over the years, they have expanded themselves into other markets such as movies, video games, computers, appliances and virtually every other kind of product you can imagine.

One of their most recent new ventures is their Amazon Go store in Seattle, Washington. This is an actual brick-and-mortar grocery store where you can go to purchase food items. But the interesting thing about the store is that it has no cash registers or checkout lanes. All you need to do is download the Amazon Go app to your Android or iOS smartphone and create an Amazon Go account.

Each time you visit the Amazon Go store, you scan your phone as you enter the store and then grab the groceries that you want to purchase. Whenever you pick up a product, the sensors in the store will be able to detect that you picked it up and then it will add the item to your app checkout screen. Once you are done shopping, you just walk out of the store with the items and the app will automatically charge your account for the cost of the items. There is no more waiting in line or any of that other aggravation that you have in regular grocery stores.

Amazon is planning to open a few more testing locations of their grocery stores and if everything goes well, you can expect to see over 2,000 physical Amazon grocery stores opening across the United States. In addition, Amazon is currently experimenting with the idea of having two other grocery store formats. One store would have curbside pickup and the other would have a drive-thru feature where you wouldn’t even have to get out of your car to pick up your groceries.

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