First Lady Michelle Obama thanks U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) employees for their service and dedication at the Jefferson Auditorium, USDA on Friday, May 3, 2013. The First Lady reminded federal workers of the importance of the work they do to support American farmers and ranchers, protecting the environment, lifting up rural communities, and keeping food safe, and working to end hunger. USDA photo by Bob Nichols.

American Doctor Fired Over Her “Monkey Face” Comment About Michelle Obama

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An American pediatric anesthesiologist named Dr. Michelle Herren has just been fired from her unpaid faculty position at the University of Colorado Denver School for the inappropriate Facebook comments she posted about First Lady Michelle Obama. In addition, Herren resigned from her paid position at Denver Health Medical Center where she worked as a pediatric anesthesiologist.

The controversy all started when Herren went on Facebook and found a post where somebody was praising Michelle Obama. This caused her to rant negative things about Obama and even post an unattractive picture of her which makes fun of the way she’s speaking.

Some of Herren’s racist posts on Facebook include her saying that Obama speaks “poor ebonic English” and also called her “monkey face.” After those comments, Herren insisted that she wasn’t a racist and was just “calling it like it is.” She even made an insensitive comment about Harvard where she claimed that the people who go there are all liberals or entitled folks. Harvard was where Michelle Obama went to law school, although she surely didn’t come from an entitled family.

Once these posts were made, they went viral quickly and resulted in a lot of negative criticism to be directed at Herren. Even students who actually attended the school made numerous complaints to the faculty of the Denver Medical School. This ultimately led the faculty to the decision to fire Herren in order to calm the student atmosphere down. Herren had worked there for 10 years and was previously placed on administrative leave over the posts which forbid her from treating patients. Now, she is gone for good.

This firing comes just a few weeks after an Alabama police officer was fired over posting racist memes about Michelle Obama on Facebook. It seems that with the recent election of Donald Trump, it is bringing out the racism in numerous people around the country. Why else would Michelle Obama be getting all these racist comments at the very end of her husband’s presidency?

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