Actor Anthony Michael Hall from “The Breakfast Club” Could Get 7 Years in Prison

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If you are a fan of 80s movies like “The Breakfast Club” or “National Lampoon’s Vacation,” then you probably familiar with actor Anthony Michael Hall. He was known for his roles in numerous teen classics from the 80s. As an adult, he found more success in the late 1990s and early 2000s with “The Dead Zone” television series.

Unfortunately, Hall’s personal life seems to be shattering in a way that is just hard to believe. It was reported on Saturday that Hall could face up to 7 years in prison for a felony assault charge that was filed against him back in September. The charge stems from an incident where Hall allegedly attacked his neighbor at the apartment building where they lived. The attack supposedly left the neighbor with a serious bodily injury which resulted in the felony assault charge filed against Hall.

Hall, who is currently 48-years-old, has a lot of evidence stacked against him. The most incriminating evidence against him is surveillance footage at the apartment complex which shows Hall actually shoving his neighbor to the ground. The footage was taken on September 13th, which was when the incident took place.

Apparently, Hall and his neighbor were arguing about an open gate at the complex. In the surveillance footage, you can first see Hall walking through the apartment complex while a man follows him. Hall turns to the man and appears to speak words to him, which cannot be heard in the video recording. Hall can then be seen hitting the man, causing him to fall backwards. The man supposedly suffered a broken wrist and back injury from the fall. After that, the neighbor in the incident called the police on Hall.

Reportedly, the neighbor told the police that the argument started because he left the gate open and Hall wanted him to close it. Hall eventually closed the gate himself and then approached the neighbor and yelled at him. To make matters worse for Hall, he seems to have a history of getting into arguments with neighbors. In 2011, he reportedly swore at his neighbors and challenged them to fights. He was never arrested or charged with anything related to those incidents, though.

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