Arson Suspected in the Deadly Wildfires in Israel

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On Tuesday, Israel experienced a series of wildfires that broke out around the country. The fire blazed through forests and homes, causing many thousands of people to flee their houses. There were even two prisons that got evacuated out of fear that the fire would spread towards them.

At first, no one knew why these fires started in the first place. Then it became clear to investigators that these fires were acts of arson and not just some random occurrence. Perhaps if there was just one fire then it might have looked like an accident. However, multiple fires occurred in separate locations in the country so it hardly seemed coincidental.

On Friday, Israeli authorities arrested 22 people who are suspected of either starting the fires or assisting others in starting the fires. Israeli firefighters are still fighting these fires, but most of the serious ones are now under control. This meant thousands of people were allowed to go back to their homes in certain areas where the fires were taken care of. On the downside, new fires were discovered in Galilee and Jerusalem so the work of firefighters is not done yet.

The United States sent a 747 Supertanker to Israeli on Friday evening to help put on the fires. This particular aircraft is a firefighting plane which landed in Israel for the purposes of extinguishing these blazing fires. Even 50 firefighters from America came over to Israel to help their firefighters fight the wildfires.

One big reason why the wildfires spread so fast is because of the dry and windy conditions in the country right now. Anytime you have a dry environment, it makes it easier for trees and homes to catch on fire because there is no moisture to tame the fire. Then with the wind, it blows the fire towards other trees and causes it to spread quicker than normal.

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