At Least 80 People Dead from ISIS Bombing in Central Iraqi City

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The Iraqi City of Hillah suffered a terrorist bombing on Thursday after a truck filled with explosives was detonated at a gas station there. It appears as if Iranian Shi’ite pilgrims made up the majority of those killed by the bombing, according to Iraqi authorities. The total death count so far is 80 people but that number is expected to increase as the investigation into the incident continues. Aside from the dead victims, there were also 50 survivors who suffered injuries from the bomb.

Soon after this terrorist attack took place, the terror group known as ISIS posted a statement online where they claimed responsibility for the bombing. Part of the statement read: “The flames of battles in Mosul will reach them in Baghdad, Karbala and Najaf.” ISIS is a Sunni terrorist group and the Sunnis have been trying to kill Shi’ites for years now.

The gas station where the truck exploded was on the southeast highway of Baghdad, which lies between Al-Qadisiyyah and Babel. The truck was apparently parked in between numerous buses which were transporting Iranian pilgrims. These pilgrims came to Iraq because they wanted to commemorate the death of Imam Hussein, who was the Prophet Mohammed’s grandson that died in the 7th century. According to the history books, the Shi’ite and Sunni Muslims became divided after Hussein’s death and the division continues to this day. Now there are Sunni extremists that want to kill Shi’ites because of their own twisted logic on the events of the past.

Right now, there are numerous countries around the world that want to destroy ISIS. The United States and France are probably on the top of that list because they’ve experienced domestic terrorist attacks from those who were radicalized by ISIS or were actually ISIS operatives. As for the Shi’ites, they continue to journey to Iraq to pay their respects to Hussein even though the risk to their lives are high.

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