Authorities Believe the Ohio State University Attacker was ISIS Inspired

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The Somali-born student of Ohio State University who injured 11 people at the campus on Monday is believed to have been inspired by the terrorist group ISIS. The attacker, Abdul Razak Ali Artan, 18, had gone to the Columbus campus and drove his car into a crowd of people. After he did that, he got out of his car and proceeded to attack someone with a knife who was near him.

Fortunately, a campus police officer named Alan Horujko happened to be close by when the incident was taking place. In less than a minute, he responded to the scene with his gun drawn and ordered Artan to stop. When Artan tried to continue his attacks, Officer Horujko fatally shot Artan with his gun. Each of the 11 people who were injured are still alive, with 8 of them already released from the hospital. The other 3 are still being hospitalized and their condition is still critical. So far, there have been no deaths reported as a result of the attack.

Authorities are investigating Artan’s Facebook account and the posts he made on there. They were able to find posts that Artan made which referenced Anwar al-Awlaki. He was a Yemeni-American cleric and leader of al-Qaeda who was killed in Yemen. Furthermore, the style of Artan’s attack was similar to the type of attacks that ISIS tells its followers to commit. There is an online magazine where ISIS posts information about how to carry out terrorist attacks. They tell their followers that if you cannot get your hands on a firearm, then use a vehicle to attack your enemies. During the summer, there was a similar terrorist-style attack in Nice, France where an ISIS “soldier” drove a truck through a crowd of people and killed 80 of them. It appeared as if Artan was trying to perform a similar style attack, but failed to meet his objective.

The Ohio State University newspaper was running a series called the “Humans of Ohio State” and they previously interviewed Artan about his struggles at the campus. Artan told the newspaper that he was having trouble finding a place to pray without any distractions because the campus was so big. He claimed that he wanted to pray out in the open, but he was afraid to because of all the prejudice against Muslims being sparked by the media.

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