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Biden Comments on Trump Video; Implies he wishes he could fight him

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Vice President Joe Biden was in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania on Friday campaigning for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. During his speech to a large audience, Biden talked about Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and the controversial 2005 tape that came out a few weeks ago where Trump admitted he likes to kiss and grope women. Biden had some tough remarks about The Donald.

At first, Biden condemned the video as well as Trump. He found it disgusting how Trump could think that he had the right to kiss and grope women without their consent simply because he was famous. After that, Biden said he wished he was in high school with Trump so he could “take him behind the gym.” This apparently implied that Biden wanted to fight Trump for what he said about women.

The Trump campaign has not commented on Biden’s remarks so far. However, Trump did talk about First Lady Michelle Obama at one of his own rallies. He said that all Michelle wants to do is campaign. This was a reference to her passionate speech denouncing Trump and the leaked 2005 tape. Trump went on to say that Michelle was against Hillary Clinton back in 2008 when she was running against her husband Barack Obama in the Democratic Primary. Then once Clinton lost, she and Michelle suddenly became best friends.

As for Biden, he’s always been known for his tough talk and passion as well. It is clear that Biden truly wants Hillary Clinton to win the 2016 presidential election so she can carry on President Barack Obama’s legacy. There is no doubt he’ll continue to campaign for her right up until Election Day. The First Lady and the President are expected to do the same.

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