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Black Teen Shot by Police in St. Louis

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A 14-year-old black teenage male was reportedly shot by two St. Louis Metropolitan police officers after they responded to a call about a possible carjacking. According to police reports, the unidentified black teen started to flee the scene when the officers arrived. Then he turned around and pointed a gun at the officers before firing one shot at them. This is when officers pulled out their pistols and returned fire, which resulted in the teen getting shot. But the teen didn’t give up just yet. He dropped the gun and tried running away again, but he didn’t get very far. The officers caught up with him and took him into custody. He is now being hospitalized for the critical injury he received from the gunshot.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported that many of the bystanders who were close to the scene are skeptical about what really took place. Since the police officers did not have body cameras on, no one really knows what happened. There wasn’t even a dashcam video available either. The skepticism comes from the fact that the two police officers involved in the shooting are white. They’ve both been put on administrative leave while an investigation takes place into the incident.

St. Louis Police Chief Sam Dotson claimed there was a witness who heard the teen being ordered to “get down, get down” by the police officers. But others nearby say they didn’t hear anything and are not sure what happened. All they say is they’re tired of police shootings and wish they would stop.

This is just one more controversial incident involving white police officers shooting a black person. Even though the teen was allegedly armed, the public still wonders if the police are telling the truth about that or not. Some people speculate that a gun could have been planted while others speculate the teen didn’t try to shoot the officers.

The investigation into the incident should bring some closure as to what really happened.

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