Book Publishers Willing to Pay $20 Million to Michelle Obama for her “Real” Feelings

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It is just weeks away before President Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle Obama, leave the White House and hand over the keys to President-elect Donald Trump and his wife, Melania Trump. When presidential families leave the White House, it is usually a time when outside offers start pouring in that are worth millions of dollars. Now, it looks like Michelle Obama and her husband may already be getting those offers.

It is reported that book publishers are eager to have Michelle Obama open up about her true feelings toward Melania Trump and Hillary Clinton. In exchange for her totally honest memoir, book publishers are willing to pay her a whopping $20 million. They are also interested in paying her husband the same amount of money if he will write his own honest memoir as well. It may not seem that strange for a president to get offered that kind of money, but it is unusual for a first lady to get offered the same amount of money as her presidential spouse. However, many feel that Michelle Obama’s memoir will be more popular than her husband’s memoir.

So far, many prominent book publishers and editors have already spoken about this while wanting to remain anonymous. They’ve all said that they’re willing to bid very high to get the rights to Michelle Obama and her husband’s memoirs. In addition to their true feelings about Hillary Clinton, Melania Trump, and Donald Trump, these publishers also want to know what their life was like in the White House for the past 8 years and what it was like raising their two daughters there. They also want Barack Obama to open up more about his feelings regarding the various political scandals around him that he’s had to endure.

The book is suggested to be priced at $30. There is no telling when it will be released because the Obamas have not even agreed to anything yet.

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