Brazilian Inmates Involved in Massacre Will Be Transferred

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In Brazil, at least 56 inmates were killed by rivals at the Anisio Jobim Penitentiary Complex in the city of Manus. This is a prison located in the Amazon region of the country. The incident occurred on Sunday and Monday, which happened to be during the New Year’s holiday. Apparently, there was a riot that broke out at the prison which resulted in the killing of those inmates by other inmates who were their rivals.

The state of Amazonas also had three other prisons where riots similar to this one took place as well. In total, 184 inmates escaped from these prisons while only 48 of them have been caught. Now, the Governor of Amazonas Jose Melo made a public statement where he said that the prisoners who killed those 56 people are going to be transferred to maximum security federal prisons. But first, they will be prosecuted for the crimes they committed during the riots.

The two rival gangs in these incidents are believed to be members of the “First Command” of Sao Paulo and a local northern gang. The First Command is considered to be the biggest criminal organization in all of Brazil. The two gangs are fighting for control of the prisons as well as the routes used for transporting drugs in northern Brazil.

Governor Melo announced that an investment of $30 million will be made toward building a new penitentiary because many of the existing prisons are experiencing an overcrowding problem. The new prison will be able to hold as many as 3,200 prisoners, which should help take the burden off other prisons by allowing them to give up some of their inmates.

Right now, many prisons in Brazil are privately owned which opens the doors for further corruption. The new prison will have a public-private partnership which should reduce that corruption there.

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