Central Italy Faces Another Big Earthquake Following Tremors

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Back in August, Italy was struck with a devastating earthquake which killed over 300 people and destroyed many ancient buildings in Central Italy. Now on Sunday morning, another earthquake with a 6.6 magnitude struck Central Italy and injured 20 people so far. This is the fourth earthquake to hit Italy in three months, but this particular earthquake is said to be the most powerful one to strike the country in over 30 years.

Tremors were reported in Italy last week which is typically an indication that an earthquake will follow. Many of the villages and towns in Italy are still trying to recover from the earthquake they had in August. So, this new earthquake is certainly not going to make anyone’s life easier in this region. There are already new pictures floating around the internet of Amatrice’s town center looking almost completely destroyed.

According to the United States Geological Survey, the earthquake struck a few miles north of the town of Norcia. Fortunately, nobody has been reported dead as of yet. But there are many villages that are blocked or cut off from gaining entry so the full impact of the earthquake is still to be determined.

Due to the tremors last week, the Italian government took precautions this time to evacuate most of the people in these towns and villages. They set up emergency camps and even paid for the hotel rooms of many citizens to stay in. Because of these precautions, it is believed that there won’t be nearly as many deaths as there were during August’s earthquake.

Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi praised the rescue workers and promised that all the villages that were destroyed will be rebuilt. He also explained there are many faults in Italy which is why these earthquakes keep happening. But he expressed that tragedies like these bring out the best in people and truly show the human compassion we are all capable of.

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