Charles Manson Briefly Hospitalized, Then Sent Back to Prison

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The infamous murderer Charles Manson, 82, was briefly sent to the hospital to receive treatment for a serious illness that he had gotten. The exact name of the illness has not been disclosed due to privacy laws. It was reported that he needed surgery to relieve the symptoms of the illness, but he was too weak to undergo the surgery. It is unclear if the illness has gone away or not. However, he was sent back to prison where he’ll continue to serve his life sentence.

Manson has been in prison for over 40 years. He started his life as a petty criminal who went to jail numerous times when he was a child. As he got older and made it into adulthood, it was around the time when the hippy revolution was getting popular. Manson was part of the 1967 Summer of Love gathering. By then, he had long hair and a beard. He made himself out to look like Jesus Christ, and even became a self-healing guru to those who would listen to him. Manson was great at reciting Bible verses and quoting lyrics from songs of the Beatles.

Manson was able to gather a few dozen people to follow him and do his bidding. The majority of these followers were young women who either ran away from home or simply had no direction in life. Manson took over an old movie ranch in Los Angeles and turned it into a commune for his followers. There was lots of music, drugs, and sex that went on there.

In 1969, things got a little more serious when Manson sent some of his followers on a mission to murder people. This resulted in the death of actress Sharon Tate, who was pregnant, and many of her friends and colleagues. Manson never actually committed the murders himself, but authorities discovered that he was the one who gave the order to his followers to commit them. This would lead to Manson getting a bigger prison sentence than the women who actually did the killings.

Nowadays, Manson is just an old man who is in poor physical health. At 82-years-old, he may not survive too many more years in prison.

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