Christmas Weekend in Chicago Leaves 7 Fatally Shot and 20 Injured

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Over the Christmas weekend in Chicago, there were 27 people shot in just a 48-hour period. Out of these 27 people, 7 of them had died from their injuries. This is just the latest chapter of the heavy gun violence which plagues the city of Chicago every day. Since the beginning of 2016, shootings and homicides have increased considerably in the city. Most of the gun violence is committed by gangs, who often shoot each other over girlfriends or their neighborhood turf. Usually, the conflicts between rival gang members quickly turn violent.

The sad thing is that the Chicago Police Department does not always catch the people who commit these murders. During the Christmas weekend, an 18-year-old man was driving his car through the Gage Park neighborhood when he was shot multiple times. So far, there are no suspects in custody for his murder.

A spokesman for the Chicago Police Department named Officer Jose Estrada said in a telephone interview that there were 745 homicides in Chicago this year alone. At this time last year, there were only 476 homicides which makes it a 56% increase for this year. Not only that, 2016 was the first time in almost 20 years that over 700 recorded homicides had occurred in Chicago.

As for the number of shooting victims, Estrada claimed that there were 4,252 victims this year while 2015 only had 2,884 victims. This is nearly a 47% increase in the number of shooting victims. Plus, almost all the victims who were shot throughout the Christmas weekend were men under the age of 30. That is typically the demographic for most gang members in Chicago or any other city in the country.

You’d think that the harsh cold weather outside would deter people from wanting to drive around and shoot people. But, it doesn’t seem to have stopped them. In December alone, there were 42 homicides in comparison to the 33 that occurred in December of 2015.

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