Clown Sightings Are Causing Stores to Stop Selling Clown Masks

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You’ve probably heard about the creepy clown sightings which have taken place throughout the United States. Some people have claimed that random clowns have tried scaring them by wielding knives and machetes in front of their faces. But the creepiest part of these stories is that clowns are trying to lure children into the woods, as it was reported in South Carolina where the creepy clown phenomenon first started.

There is no doubt that clowns have gotten a bad name in the months leading up to Halloween. That is why numerous retail stores like Target, which normally sells Halloween products, are pulling all clown masks from their shelves. Their decision to do this was based on the reports of people wearing clown masks who are trying to lure children away. By removing clown masks from their stores, it will hopefully prevent someone from purchasing a clown mask and trying to act like one of these demented clowns.

Target did not say if they’ve already sold a lot of clown masks or not. Their online store will still sell some clown masks, but they are reducing the number of masks for sale. But even if consumers can’t purchase their masks at Target, there are still plenty of online auctions and stores where they can purchase them.

The real question is, why are these clowns doing this? Do they all belong to some bigger group or are they merely bored people trying to become part of some stupid trend? So far, it just looks like these clowns have only scared people. There have been no reports of clowns actually attacking people, but if they are trying to lure kids into the woods then you can only imagine what they’re up to. Hopefully, parents are now cautioning their kids about staying away from strange clowns who offer them candy or try to persuade them to go with them somewhere.

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