Delta Air Lines May Start Offering Free Meals to Coach Passengers Again

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Remember the good old days when airlines used to give coach passengers free meals? Many airlines stopped doing that because they wanted to save money by making coach passengers pay for their meals. Only the first-class passengers were entitled to free meals after that point. But now, it looks like free meals may be making a comeback with Delta Air Lines.

Delta is one of the United States of America’s biggest airline carriers and pretty much everyone who’s traveled in the U.S. has used this airline at one time or another. For those who make cross-country flights on Delta in the future, some of these flights could be offering free meals to their coach passengers again.

On November 1st, Delta ran a complimentary meal service as part of a trial to see how it would work out. The service was only offered to transcontinental flights between JFK Airport in New York City and major cities in California like San Francisco and Los Angeles. The trial period ends on December 15th and if it receives positive feedback from the fliers who took part in it, then it may become a permanent service that Delta will offer.

In the morning, passengers have their choice between a “breakfast medley” or a honey maple breakfast sandwich. For lunch, they can choose either a whole-grain veggie wrap or a mesquite-smoked turkey combo with a side dish of chips. At the end of the flight, the customers will give their flight experience a score. Delta will analyze these scores and see if the free meal services are making their customers happier.

If all goes well, then Delta will likely bring the complimentary meal service to other transcontinental flights from other major cities in the country as well. Chances are that people will give the free meals some good feedback because, why would they want to pay for it?

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