Documents Show Fox News Helped Protect Bill O’Reilly from Sexual Harassment Allegations

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In July of 2016, Roger Ailes resigned from his position as Fox News chairman after he was accused of sexual harassment by a number of women who worked for the media organization. This was highly publicized and it brought shame to Ailes and the Fox News outlet in general. However, what few people realize is that another woman came forward shortly after this incident and accused Fox News host Bill O’Reilly of sexual harassment as well.

O’Reilly is the most popular host on Fox News with his show “The O’Reilly Factor.” Network executives were apparently frantic over having another sexual harassment scandal be directed toward someone high up in their company. The accuser was an employee of the network named Juliet Huddy. She claimed that O’Reilly wanted to have a sexual relationship with her when she worked there in 2011. This was a time when O’Reilly had a powerful influence over her job.

Despite that, Huddy supposedly refused O’Reilly’s sexual advances toward her and this caused him to try to ruin her career. All this information comes from a letter drafted by Huddy’s lawyers which was sent to Fox News and then later obtained by The New York Times.

The Fox News executives decided to come up with a private agreement with Huddy where she would be paid a six-figure sum of money in exchange for not suing O’Reilly or the network. Plus, she had to agree not to mention any of this information to the public. Huddy apparently agreed to these terms and left the network with the high sum of money she was paid.

So, the big question now is, who mailed the letter of the agreement to The New York Times? It was sent anonymously but it had to be someone close to either Fox News or Huddy.

Lawyers for Bill O’Reilly claim that all the allegations made against their client are false.

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