Domino’s is Trying to Use Reindeer for Their Pizza Deliveries This Winter

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Domino’s is a pizza chain that exists in multiple countries throughout the world. In some countries, their version of Domino’s may be different than the ones you’d find in the United States. But in Japan, they are trying something that goes way beyond a difference in the selections on the menu. They are actually introducing a new way of delivering pizzas to customers by using reindeer to deliver them.

This might sound like a publicity stunt but it is actually quite real. It is reported that Domino’s in Japan is training reindeer to make pizza deliveries in the event that there is a lot of snow on the roads this winter. So clearly, these reindeer won’t be replacing traditional pizza delivery drivers that use cars. But if they are unable to drive to a customer’s residence because there is too much snowfall outside, then the pizzas will be packed onto the back of a reindeer and then used to walk through the snow. If there are a lot of orders to deliver, the pizzas will be put on a sleigh that the reindeer will be pulling. Of course, the reindeer will be accompanied by human delivery people in order to ensure the animal goes to the right destination.

Domino’s in Japan is expecting to have their reindeer pizza delivery service available in early December. There are also rumors that a Domino’s app will give customers the ability to see the location of the reindeer that is delivering their pizza through a GPS-tracking feature. It is almost like the tracking feature you’d see in Uber.

Japan is known for getting some pretty icy and snowy winters. Since the Japanese culture is always trying to innovate and find new ways to please their customers, this reindeer delivery idea is certainly one of the more original ideas they’ve had in recent years. Let’s just see how well customers respond to it.

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