Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton Have Final Presidential Debate

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Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump made his last attempt to impress voters at the final presidential debate between him and Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, which took place in Las Vegas, Nevada on Wednesday night. Trump has been trailing Clinton by at least 7 points in most of the national polls. His performance at the debate may not help him too much with his falling poll numbers.

One thing that numerous political commentators believe hurt Trump the most was when he refused to say if he’d accept the outcome of the general election, regardless of who wins. His answer to that was “I will tell you at the time,” meaning on Election Day. In the first presidential debate, he said he’d accept the outcome if Hillary Clinton won. Now he seems to be taking that back amid his recent claims that the election process is likely going to be rigged in Clinton’s favor. He blamed both the media and even the FBI, since they didn’t recommend that Clinton be charged for sending classified information through a private email server.

As for Hillary Clinton, she had a very strong performance and reiterated her policy positions clearly. She didn’t even let Trump’s interruptions stop her from saying what she wanted to say when it was her turn to talk. The voter demographic that Trump needed to impress was women and minorities, but it doesn’t seem like he did a good job there. Trump still insisted on building a wall and deporting 11 million illegal immigrants. He also once again denied the allegations of sexual assault made toward him by numerous women. But do enough female voters believe he’s innocent?

Election Day is just 19 days away and there are no more presidential debates. If Trump’s poll numbers after the debate don’t give him a big boost, it will be virtually impossible for him to catch back up to Clinton unless something extremely scandalous is revealed about her in the next 3 weeks.

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