Donald Trump May Have a New Tenant in Trump Tower: The Secret Service

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Ever since Donald Trump won the presidential election back on November 8th, he has had an additional amount of Secret Service agents and NYPD officers protecting him around the clock outside his tower. Since Trump Tower is located in the heart of Manhattan, it has been challenging for the agents to protect him because of all the people who walk the streets outside the building.

Now the United States Secret Service is contemplating the idea of renting out an entire floor inside Trump Tower for the sole purpose of protecting President-elect Donald Trump as well as his family members. Their use of the floor would be strictly as a security command post which can better assist them in giving Trump and his family 24-hour protection.

The average office space for a floor inside of Trump Tower ranges from 13,500 square feet and goes up to 15,500 square feet. The yearly cost to rent out a floor is $1.5 million. If the Secret Service were to rent out a floor in Trump Tower, they would actually be using taxpayer money to pay for the rent. Even though their purpose for renting the floor would be to protect Trump, they would still be paying the rent money to Trump because he owns the building. So, it’s like he gets free security detail that is actually paying him rent money just to protect him. That’s not a bad deal, is it?

Of course, people can speculate as to whether Donald Trump planned on this to happen or if it’s just a coincidence since he happens to live on 5th Avenue where no other president-elect has ever lived before. But the fact that he owns Trump Tower and will get the Secret Service to pay him money to use its space is certainly unprecedented.

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