Donald Trump Nominates Two Women to Top Positions in His Cabinet

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On Wednesday, President-elect Donald Trump chose two women to serve in high level positions of his administration. For the job of education secretary, he asked billionaire philanthropist Betsy DeVos if she would take the position. She is a conservative activist known for trying to push money out of public schools and into private schools. As for the job of United States ambassador to the United Nations, he offered the job to South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley. Not only is Haley a woman, but she is of Indian descent as well. This makes her the first minority that Trump has asked to serve in his administration.

For the past two weeks, Trump has been busy picking people for his presidential cabinet to serve under him when he takes office on January 20th, 2017. Up until today, he’s been picking only white men to serve in his cabinet. He’s already offered Senator Jeff Sessions the Attorney General position. He’s also offered Kansas Representative Mike Pompeo the position of leading the Central Intelligence Agency.

Perhaps the most controversial offer was when he asked Steve Bannon, formerly with Breitbart News, to be his Chief Strategist. Not only are these all white men, but two of them have been linked to making racist comments in the past. This certainly doesn’t make Trump’s administration look diverse or accepting of minorities. Of course, Trump probably picked these people because they had supported him during his presidential campaign.

But now, it looks like Trump’s finally realizing that he’ll have to go to people who didn’t support him if he truly wants to diversify his administration. Haley had originally supported Senator Marco Rubio during the election season and thought Trump wasn’t going to win the nomination or the presidency. Maybe now she realizes that Trump can work miracles that no one else thought he could make happen.

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