Donald Trump Offers Dr. Ben Carson the HUD Secretary Position

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It was just reported that President-elect Donald Trump offered Dr. Ben Carson the opportunity to be the secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development under his administration. Originally, this story was falsely reported by the Wall Street Journal because they stated that Carson already accepted the offer for the position. This was apparently a misunderstanding that journalists made when they were questioning Dr. Carson’s spokesperson Armstrong Williams about the offer. The report has now been updated appropriately.

The truth is that Carson is still thinking about the offer and is likely going to talk about it with his family over the Thanksgiving holiday. The fact that he is even thinking about it is quite unusual for a variety of reasons. Firstly, The Washington Post interviewed Dr. Carson last week where he said that he would prefer to “work from the outside and not from the inside.” His spokesperson later said that Carson feels that he’s not qualified to be in charge of a federal agency because he does not have any political experience.

Since Dr. Carson has a medical background, it would probably be more appropriate for Trump to offer him a position leading the Health and Human Services Department rather than the HUD. Perhaps, Trump’s decision has to do with the fact that Carson grew up in a poor neighborhood and understands the benefit of providing low and middle class families with affordable housing.

When Trump was campaigning in the general election, he went to Detroit and visited Dr. Carson’s childhood home. This was Trump’s attempt to reach out to African Americans and show them that he cared about their problems. Now, if Dr. Carson accepts the position as HUD secretary, it will certainly boost up the diversity in Trump’s administration since that diversity is currently lacking right now.

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