Donald Trump Projected to Be the 45th President of the United States

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It is not official yet, but the election results show that Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is likely going to be the next President of the United States. These results defy virtually all the predictions made by pollsters and political pundits who believed Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton had the best chance of winning the election. Now, Trump is clearly making his way to 270 electoral votes which is what he needs to officially win the presidency.

The election made a surprising turn when the voting results showed Trump doing well in key battleground states like Florida, Ohio, and North Carolina. Political pundits have always said that no Republican in decades has ever won a presidential election without winning Ohio. Well, Trump already pulled that off because Ohio has been called in Trump’s favor. This is even more surprising since Governor John Kasich of Ohio did not even vote or endorse Trump’s presidential campaign.

It was also reported that Speaker of the House Paul Ryan had called Trump to congratulate him on his apparent victory. Aside from the presidential race, Republicans have managed to maintain control of the Senate. Even Republican Senator Marco Rubio of Florida won reelection and will keep his senate seat. There is no doubt that Republicans throughout all branches of government are very happy right now.

However, will a President Trump be able to unify the country? Based on the election results, the country is split right down the middle 50/50 between the agenda of the Democrats and the agenda of the Republicans. It is very doubtful that Trump will be able to successfully reach out to Clinton supporters and get them on his side. Right now, he still has to work on getting Republicans who didn’t support him over to his side.

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