Donald Trump Rushed Off Stage at Rally in Reno, Nevada

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On Saturday, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump was in Reno, Nevada speaking at a campaign rally. During his speech, there was some kind of commotion going on near the podium which prompted Secret Service agents to run up on stage and rush Trump away. It is not known at this time what the threat was. Witnesses claim they saw a guy with a gun near the front of the crowd and that other people around him were shouting “he’s got a gun.” This could have been what made Secret Service respond as quickly as they did.

Witnesses also claim there were fights that broke out in the crowd after Trump was rushed away by the agents. One person was apparently escorted away by the police. It is not known at this time if this was the person that supposedly had a gun. Armed police officers were at the scene to secure the area and make sure there were no other immediate threats.

A short time later, Trump came back out and thanked the Secret Service for what they did. Trump kept his cool and didn’t speak much about the incident after he walked back on stage. Instead, he went right back to his scripted speech from the teleprompter while maintaining his composure. Many political spectators praised Trump for not making a big issue out of the incident or getting off message like he normally did in the past when a person would act up at his rallies.

There are only three days left until Election Day with lots of conflicting emotions about the two candidates. It is not surprising that people are starting to take aggressive actions toward the candidate they don’t like. But these aggressive actions will never help their cause because it just makes them look like the bad guy.

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