Donald Trump Says his Presidential Transition is Going Fine, Despite Contradictory Reports

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Controversy never seems to stop surrounding President-elect Donald Trump. One week after being deemed the next President of the United States, his transition team is reportedly struggling to build the future Trump administration that will take over the White House on January 20th, 2017. When Trump was asked about these struggles, he dismissed them as media hype and said that the transition is going very “smoothly.”

Trump recently put Vice President-elect Mike Pence in charge of his transition team, replacing New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. Earlier in the week, there were numerous leading contenders for Trump’s cabinet that were announced. Now these contenders are likely not going to be nominated anymore. And since the team didn’t take the appropriate steps to start the official transition process, over 100 federal agencies have stopped giving critical information to them.

For Secretary of State, former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani was on the top of the list. But someone who spoke to Trump said he has concerns about nominating Giuliani because of his eagerness to talk about it on various interviews he’s been in. Now there is talk of South Carolina Governor Nikki R. Haley being considered for Secretary of State.

Another consideration for Trump’s cabinet is conservative radio host Laura Ingraham. She has always been critical of the news media while always being supportive of Trump’s candidacy in the past. It is unknown what her position may be in the Trump administration if she were to be selected.

Trump and his transition team are making all the decisions and arrangements from Trump Tower in Manhattan. The tower is currently barricaded with trucks all around the perimeter as a safety precaution by the Secret Service. The NYPD as well as the Secret Service are working 24/7 to give the President-elect the kind of protection that a President of the United States would normally get. The only problem is that it becomes more challenging in a city like New York because of all the traffic and people that pass by the building every day.

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