Donald Trump’s List of Accusers Keeps Growing

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It has only been a week since the leaked 2005 audio tape came out where you can hear Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump talking to Billy Bush about being able to kiss and grope women because he’s a star.

When he was asked by Anderson Cooper at the 2nd presidential debate as to whether or not he really treats women this way, Trump claimed he does not. His answer caused numerous women to come forward and speak about their experiences of being inappropriately touched and sexually assaulted by Trump over the years.

First, it was Jessica Leeds who came forward and claimed that Trump groped her on an airplane way back in the late 1970s. Days later, Kristin Anderson claimed Trump touched her genitals without consent back in the early 1990s. More women just keep coming forward, bringing the total accusers to 11 so far.

Of course, Trump has repeatedly denied all of the claims made by his accusers. He even went so far as to imply that he would never want to touch one of the accusers because of her unattractive looks. This probably won’t help him too much with undecided female voters. Not only that, he’s also losing many Republican endorsements that were previously given to him by prominent Republicans like Paul Ryan and John McCain. There are even Republican voters who are reportedly reconsidering their presidential choice amid these allegations made against Trump.

Perhaps it would be easy to believe Trump is innocent, except for the fact that we heard him on video claiming he does the exact thing that he’s been accused of doing. So was Trump lying to Billy Bush in their private conversation from 2005? Or, is Trump lying now?

Many new national polls show Hillary Clinton has gained 7-10 points over Trump since the release of the video. It looks like there are plenty of voters out there who think he’s lying now.

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