Donna Brazile Officially Resigns from CNN as a Political Contributor

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Donna Brazile currently serves as the Democratic National Committee’s acting chairwoman after former chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz had to resign in 2016. Brazile had also been a CNN political contributor who gave her opinion about the election and other political news stories.

On Monday, it was announced that Brazile has resigned from being a CNN contributor. This news comes in wake of recent revelations that Brazile had allegedly given Hillary Clinton’s campaign the questions ahead of time that were going to be asked at the first and second presidential debates, which were hosted by CNN.

When CNN learned about these revelations, they claimed to be “uncomfortable” by them since Brazile had been a CNN contributor during the time it supposedly happened. However, CNN also claimed that Brazile was never given access to any of the prep materials or questions which were used for those debates.

On October 11th, Wikileaks published an email sent by Brazile where she admitted that she sometimes gets the questions to the debates in advance. Three days after this email was published, Brazile officially resigned from CNN as a contributor. When asked about whether she gave the Clinton campaign the debate questions in advance, she totally denied it and said she did not.

Brazile had already stepped away from her role as a CNN contributor in July when she became the acting chairwoman for the DNC. At that time, her contract with CNN was only suspended because she did have plans to come back after a new chairperson for the DNC was picked. Now it looks like she won’t be coming back at all.

With these new revelations, it just gives Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump more of a reason to call the system rigged. If he loses the election to Hillary Clinton, he’ll be able to refer back to this situation with the DNC emails and say that Clinton always had an unfair advantage over him.

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