East Coast Cyber Attack Takes Down Twitter, Spotify, Netflix

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A series of cyber-attacks hit the Eastern Coast of the United States on Friday, blocking people living in this region from accessing many popular websites including Amazon, Reddit, Netflix, Spotify, Twitter and others. The proper name for these attacks is a “distributed denial of service attack,” or DDoS. The attacks were directed toward a company called Dyn, which is an internet performance organization located in New Hampshire.

Starting at 7:10 A.M Eastern Time on Friday, internet users along the east coast had trouble accessing many of their favorite online websites. The problem even continued well into the afternoon on Friday and now the attacks seem to be spreading across the country. Apparently, a program called Mirai was used to create the attacks. This program is supposed to be so easy to use that even a novice hacker could have done the attacks.

Right now, it is unknown where the attacks originated from. Earlier in October, underground hacking websites released Mirai’s source code on the internet for hackers to download. These websites require special authorization so only authorized hackers could have accessed it. But with hackers all around the world, there is no telling who was responsible for the attack that people on the east coast experienced today.

What is even more worrisome is future attacks using this program could be directed toward any device which uses an internet connection. With smart technology being everywhere, this means routers, cable boxes, DVRs, thermostats and even surveillance cameras can be subject to hack or phishing attempts. This could mean big trouble for businesses and government agencies that use internet connections to manage their security equipment. It is safe to say that with the growth of technology, there will be a growth of hacking to follow right behind it.

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