Effigy of Donald Trump Burned During England’s Bonfire Night

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England has an annual event called “Guy Fawkes Night.” This is a night where several people conduct protest marches which include firework displays and bonfires. But this year, they added a little something different to the bonfire. It was a 30-foot tall effigy of U.S. Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump. The event took place in Edenbridge where everyone got to see the tall Trump effigy go up in flames. There are other Trump effigies which are planned to be burned in the English town of Lewes as well.

London, of course, saw the most protesters. The central region of London was completed flooded with them in order to celebrate the “Million Mask March,” which is another annual event that takes place on Guy Fawkes Night. During this march, protesters wear Guy Fawkes masks while they protest on the streets.

In 2015, this event sparked many violent incidences which led to over 50 people getting arrested. That is why London police put a 3-hour time limit on the event this year. But there was still reportedly 47 people who got arrested in the event this time around. Most of the arrests involved possession of a weapon, drug possession, and not removing their masks when asked to do so.

As for the effigy of Donald Trump, it had him holding Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s head. Trump was chosen as the effigy to use this year after beating out other possible contenders for the role.

The idea of Guy Fawkes Night originated in 1605 after a group of Catholics led by Guy Fawkes planned to kill King James I, who was a protestant. They had also planned to use explosives on the House of Parliament so they could blow it up. Unfortunately for Fawkes, he was discovered underneath the Parliament with thirty-six barrels of gunpowder. For his punishment, he was tortured in the Tower of London and would later die from it.

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