Electric Car Company “Tesla” Will Start Selling Solar Roof Tiles

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Elon Musk, the CEO of the electric car company Tesla Motors, wants to expand the company beyond just manufacturing electric cars. He wants Tesla to get into the solar energy market and start selling solar roof tiles to home owners who want to use solar power instead of traditional power.

Right now, home owners who want to use solar energy have to put these giant solar panels on their roof to harness the energy from the sun. The problem is that many homeowners don’t like the look of these panels on their roof. For some people, they refuse to get solar panels all together just because of the way it makes their roof look. So, by putting power-generating tiles on the roof, they will make it look just the same as a traditional roof. The only difference is the tiles of the roof will be able to absorb the sun’s energy just like solar panels would.

There are already talks of Tesla possibly merging with SolarCity, which already manufactures solar power systems for homeowners. If a merger or agreement between the two companies were to ever take place, Tesla could start selling solar roof tiles which can be customized to look like a regular roof. This may get more people interested in having solar energy for their home.

The proposed power-generating tiles are made of glass and photovoltaic cells. With a combination like this, the tiles are totally invisible to anyone passing by on the street. But they’ll still act just like solar panels by absorbing energy from the sun. All you would need are energy storage units for your home which Tesla calls “Powerwall.” You can keep this unit on the ground or mount it on your wall. One Powerwall is currently priced at $5,500. However, there has been no announcement made as to what the price of the tiles are going to be yet.

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