Explosion at Fireworks Market in Mexico Kills 29 People and Injures Dozens of Others

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On Tuesday afternoon, an open-air fireworks market in San Pablito, Mexico saw tragedy after a series of explosions occurred in the market and caused it to become engulfed in flames. As a result, 29 people ended up getting killed while dozens of others received critical burns. Mexican authorities are not sure what caused the blast, but they do know that it destroyed over 80% of the stalls in the fireworks market in San Pablito. Since there were 300 stalls in total, the damage was pretty extensive as you can imagine.

Authorities of Mexican State have said that a total of 72 people have been treated for the burns they’ve received from the explosion. Amongst these 72 people were a minimum of 10 children that got burned, who had to be hospitalized. Some of the children reportedly had burns over 90% of their bodies. Three of the children were taken to Galveston, Texas in the United States for the extra medical treatment that they required. The youngest victim who died was just a 3-month-old baby.

According to Governor Eruviel Avila of the State of Mexico, some of the burns on the victims were so extensive that they couldn’t even be identified. “The State of Mexico is in mourning for this lamentable accident,” Avila posted on Facebook. “We had a very difficult day.”

This wouldn’t be the first time that these artisan firework productions have accidentally killed people. There have been many fatal explosions in the past, with this recent one being the third biggest explosion to occur there since 2005.  However, this isn’t likely going to stop the Mexican people from enjoying their fireworks, since they have become part of the Mexican culture when performing various religious celebrations and festivals. Even though today’s accident was tragic, you can expect Mexicans to continue using pyrotechnics in the future.

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