Fidel Castro’s Ashes Are Now Laid to Rest

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The ashes of the infamous Cuban leader Fidel Castro have now been put to rest in a private ceremony in Santiago De Cuba. There are still mixed emotions about Castro’s death from people in the United States and Cuba. Many Cuban immigrants in the U.S. have been celebrating Castro’s death while Cubans still in their native country are saddened by his death.

For the past week, the state television in Cuba had aired numerous memorials that took place throughout the country which honored Castro. On Sunday, the final ceremony where his ashes were laid to rest was supposed to air on state television as well. But instead, Cubans could only see repeats of the previous memorials on the state television. There is no word as to whether this was an error made by the television network or if Cuban government officials decided to keep the final ceremony private for only the family and friends of the late Castro.

The ashes of Castro were placed next to a monument of Jose Marti, who was the original freedom fighter of Cuba. This monument is also just blocks away from the original location where Fidel Castro made a speech declaring his revolution victory on January 1st, 1959. On the streets outside the monument, thousands of Cubans lined up to watch as Castro’s ashes were hauled off in a green military truck to his final resting place: “Santa Ifigenia Cemetery.”

A 21-gun salute was given by Cuban soldiers as Castro’s ashes were brought into the cemetery. The last nine days since Castro was first reported dead have been very emotional for both Cubans and Cuban-Americans. Many Cuban-Americans were forced into lifelong exile by Castro which is why they are happy that he’s now dead. In Cuba, the Cuban citizens don’t really have the luxury to express their true emotions in case some of them are secretly happy that Castro’s dead. If they were to express happiness, they’d likely be arrested for it since Cuba is still a dictatorship.

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