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Filmmaker George Lucas to Spend $1 Billion on Building Narrative Art Museum

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George Lucas, the legendary filmmaker who created “Star Wars,” has been speculating over the idea of building a Museum of Narrative Art for a while now. He was trying to figure out whether he wanted to build it in San Francisco or Los Angeles. Now, Lucas has decided to build the museum in Los Angeles. He’s even willing to spend as much as $1 billion on the construction of the futuristic art museum.

Lucas plans to fill the museum with his own personal collection of art. This will include a wide variety of “Star Wars” ephemera that few people have ever seen before. The plan is to build the museum in Los Angeles’ Exposition Park. San Francisco and Los Angeles were actually competing for the chance to have this museum built in their city. Not only will the museum bring in tourists, but it will create thousands of job opportunities for local residents.  It looks like residents of Los Angeles have just gotten lucky.

The $1 billion that Lucas is spending on this museum will cover the building costs, his art collection, and a $400 million endowment. This might seem like a lot of money but Lucas can surely afford it. When George Lucas sold the rights of Lucasfilm and Star Wars to Disney, he received $4.05 billion for it. Half of this was paid in shares of Disney stock while the other half was paid in cash. Therefore, he’ll be able to spend 25% of these earnings and still have plenty of money to remain a billionaire.

The museum is expected to be 275,000 square feet and will create thousands of construction jobs. Once the museum is finished, there will be at least one thousand permanent jobs that need to be filled for the operation of the museum.

Some of the art pieces you can expect to see at the museum are Norman Rockwell paintings and the original Darth Vader mask.

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