First Lady Michelle Obama Gives Heartfelt Speech to Educators

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First Lady Michelle Obama gave her last White House speech on Friday at a ceremony which was partially to honor the “school counselor of 2017.” With an audience that was full of educators, the First Lady thanked all the teachers across the nation for working hard at trying to educate young people and giving them a chance in life.

Near the end of her speech, her voice kind of quavered a bit when she said it was the greatest honor of her life to be their first lady. She said, “I hope I’ve made you proud.” Obviously, this was an emotional speech for her because it was the last time she’d ever have any power or influence as the nation’s first lady. It was even emotional for the educators and counselors sitting in the audience, with whom many behind her could be seen wiping their own tears away as well.

Mrs. Obama never mentioned President-elect Donald Trump by name, but there were parts of her speech that talked about the fears and concerns of young people and that having hope is the only way to go sometimes. Clearly, she feels that many young people out there do not have hope because of the Donald Trump presidency that’s about to take place. But Mrs. Obama emphasized to the audience about the power of hope, which is what she and her husband campaigned about nearly a decade ago.

The last point Mrs. Obama made was to tell young people to never give up on their education and not to run away from challenges just because they’re hard. She said that hope will guide you toward your dreams and that you shouldn’t let fear get in the way of that. Many watching her speech could easily tell that she was heartbroken about the election just like many in the audience. But the power of hope will likely get them all through the next four years.

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