Former Cuban President Fidel Castro Dead at Age 90

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Fidel Castro, the infamous former president of Cuba, has just died at the age of 90. State TV for the country reported on Castro’s death on Friday night but gave no details about his cause of death. Due to his advanced age, one can only assume that Castro died of old age or other related natural causes.

Castro was the leader of the Communist Party who ruled Cuba for almost 50 years. In 2008, Castro gave up his power over the nation to Raul Castro, who was his brother. Fidel Castro’s popularity was pretty divisive throughout Cuba. He had some supporters who liked that he gave the country back to its people. However, those opposed to Castro criticized him for suppressing any opposition to his party.

Fidel Castro’s last public speech was in April of this year. He spoke on the day of Cuba’s last Community Party Congress. In his rare speech, Castro claimed that communist ideals were going to still be part of Cuba despite its new democratic positions.  He also acknowledged his advanced age and hinted that he never imagined he’d live to be 90-years-old.

In December of 2014, President Obama restored the relationship between the United States and Cuba. After 54 years of hostility between the two countries, Americans were now free to travel to Cuba as tourists without needing a special license. This led to President Obama visiting Cuba to establish a U.S. embassy there and to meet Cuban President Raul Castro in person.

Fidel Castro certainly had an interesting life. After growing up poor in the Oriente Province of Cuba, he was imprisoned in 1953 after challenging President Batista’s regime. A few years after he got out of prison, he started a guerrilla war that would challenge the Cuban government. In 1959, he overthrew Batista and became the new Prime Minister of Cuba.

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