NEW YORK --  Rudy Giuliani, former New York City mayor and presidential candidate, gave the keynote speech during a Nov. 8 brunch at the Jumeriah Essex House in honor of the USS New York sailors and Special Purpose Marine Air Ground Task Force 26 Marines who embarked on the ship for her commissioning ceremony Nov. 11.

Former NYC Mayor Rudolph Giuliani No Longer Considered for Secretary of State Position

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Former New York City Mayor Rudolph “Rudy” Giuliani is no longer being considered for the Secretary of State position in President-elect Donald Trump’s administration. Giuliani has been an avid supporter of Trump during the entire election season. Since Trump likes to reward people for being loyal to him, everyone thought Giuliani would surely have some position in Trump’s cabinet. However, it turns out that Giuliani willingly withdrew his name from the short list of people that could land a job with Trump’s team.

Giuliani suggested strongly that he was only interested in the Secretary of State position and no other position. Trump is still weighing his choices on who to choose for Secretary of State, which is why Giuliani had been offered other positions in the cabinet such as Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security. Rumor has it that Giuliani was not interested in this position and only wanted the Secretary of State job. It is unknown exactly why he didn’t stick around to see if he’d get the job that he wanted, but rumors suggest that he probably knew he wasn’t going to get it. That is why he withdrew his name altogether from the short list. Another rumor suggests that there would have been some kind of conflict of interest if Giuliani was Secretary of State because of his controversial business dealings. But, this has not been confirmed.

Giuliani is still going to be part of Trump’s presidential transition team by continuing to serve as vice chairman. After the transition is finished, Giuliani is expected to go back to the private sector and work at his law firm again. Trump commented on Giuliani’s decision by saying that he will always be a close personal friend and he will continue to call upon him for counseling or advice.

Right now, there are about 8 possibilities left for Secretary of State including Trump’s former rival Mitt Romney. We’ll probably learn who is choice will be for the position in the next week or two.

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