Former Vice President Al Gore Has Meeting with President-elect Donald Trump

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President-elect Donald Trump has gotten all kinds of visitors to talk with him at Trump Tower ever since he won the election. On Monday, former Vice President Al Gore paid a visit to Trump Tower for a private meeting with Trump. These are two people who are on two completely opposite sides of the political spectrum in both policy and partisanship. So, why would they be having a meeting? It is doubtful that Trump would consider Gore for a position in his cabinet and it is even more doubtful that Gore would want to accept a position in it. Perhaps, the discussion had to do with climate change.

Gore has certainly been known for spreading his message about the threat of global warming and climate change. During the 2016 general election season, he even gave his support to Hillary Clinton and spoke at one of her rallies about it. As for President-elect Donald Trump, he previously called climate change a hoax that was invented by the Chinese. Many other Republicans also feel that climate change is not that big a deal. However, maybe Trump is willing to take another look at the whole climate change thing and start taking it more seriously. Since he isn’t the typical Republican conservative, he may change his mind on that like he has on a lot of other issues.

Gore reportedly had a 90-minute meeting with Trump in his office at Trump Tower. He also spoke with Ivanka Trump, who is the daughter of the president-elect. Ivanka has been an important member of Trump’s transition team and she’s attended many of the high-level meetings that were conducted for her father. When Gore came back down the elevator in Trump Tower after having his meeting with the two Trumps, he told a reporter that it was a productive meeting that was very interesting. He wouldn’t provide any more details about it.

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