Four Inmates Escape from Tennessee Jail on Christmas Day

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On Monday, four inmates from the Cocke County Jail in Tennessee made a clever escape on Christmas morning with the alleged help of a leaky toilet. According to the Cocke County Sheriff’s Office, there were originally 6 inmates who escaped at around 1:30 AM on Christmas morning. However, two of the inmates have been found and captured.

Reports indicate that a jail toilet was rather leaky and the bolts which held the toilet down were rather rusted out. There was also evidence that the concrete had some prior damage because of plumbing repairs which had been done. So, when the inmates discovered this leaky toilet, they removed it from the wall. This led them to a big hole that took them right outside of the jail building.

Inmate John Mark Spier was found in a home that was pretty close to the jail. Inmate Steven Lewis was running from police on foot, but they eventually caught up to him. The other four men managed to successfully escape for now. But there is no reason to think that they are already out of the county or state. They could very well be held up in someone else’s home or hiding out in the woods. They are all considered to be dangerous, so anyone who sees them should call the police right away.

One escapee is a 54-year-old who has been charged with possession of a weapon by a convicted felon and aggravated robbery. Another escapee, 28-year-old Harce Wade Allen, was in jail on a parole violation and only had a 45-day sentence. Erik S. Click is a 29-year-old escapee who has been charged with driving while having a license suspended, evading arrest, probation violation, and joy riding. Thomas Shehee, 28, has been charged with theft of property under $500, criminal trespassing, and arson.

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