Four Killed and Dozens Injured on Icy I-95 Roadways Near Washington

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Although the holiday season is supposed to be a joyous time, it can be a nightmare for travelers who are trying to fight the heavy snow and ice on the highways. On I-95 near Washington, there have already been four reported deaths and dozens of injuries from various automobile crashes on the icy roads. Early Saturday morning in the Washington region had to face a lot of precipitation which resulted in sheets of ice covering the major roadways. It even forced local airports to cancel flights and keep their planes grounded.

Between Virginia and Maryland on I-95, transportation crews did their best to pre-treat the major roads and highways with salt in order to prevent ice from being able to form on them. Unfortunately, there was more freezing rain that fell down than what was expected. So much so, that the salt and other pre-treatment methods that were performed could not keep the ice away any longer. You see, salt becomes diluted after a certain amount of time. Since the freezing rain continued for longer than anticipated, it made the salt useless after it became diluted.

Due to all the accidents, there were portions of I-95 and the Beltway which were closed down for many hours. This, of course, made it tough on travelers who were driving cross country to be with their friends and family for Christmas. What’s even more worrisome is that drivers may feel motivated to want to drive faster in order to make up for lost time. According to a spokesman for the Maryland Department of Transportation, if someone drives too fast in these icy conditions then they’ll easily lose control and cause a crash. If you are traveling on the interstate, be sure to travel slow and not be in a hurry. If there are warning signs telling you to drive at a particular speed, then obey the warning signs.

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