Fox News Makes False Report About a Clinton Indictment

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The Fox News network is certainly known for their right-wing partisanship with Republican politicians, particularly with Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump. Throughout the course of the 2016 presidential election cycle, Fox News anchors have certainly done their best to denounce Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. After it was reported last week that new emails of hers were discovered on Anthony Weiner’s computer, this created a whole new series of speculation about what would happen to Clinton.

On Wednesday evening, anchor Bret Baier of Fox News went on the air and reported that the Federal Bureau of Investigation came to the conclusion that Clinton’s private email server was hacked by at least “five foreign intelligence agencies.” This was the private server she used while she was Secretary of State.

The following day on Thursday, Baier interviewed Brit Hume and said that another FBI investigation into the Clinton Foundation may likely result in Clinton being indicted after Election Day on November 8th. However, it turns out there is no evidence to prove that either story is true. On Friday, Baier admitted that he checked with his sources and found there was no evidence to back up both statements he made. As a result, Baier made an apology for the misinformation that was reported by him.

There are currently millions of Americans who have not voted yet. Many people are still trying to determine who they are going to vote for. If they are watching Fox News and hear reports like these which have no evidence to back them up, they may get the wrong idea and choose a candidate based on the misinformation they received. That is why it is important for voters to check with multiple media organizations to see if the same information is being reported elsewhere. That way, they’ll know whether or not the reports are based on partisan reporting or concrete facts.

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