Fox News’ Megyn Kelly is Reportedly Moving to NBC News

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Reporter Megyn Kelly started her career in television news about 12 years ago on Fox News. Unlike most newcomers in her position, her fame rose quickly within the organization and she ended up becoming one of the biggest news anchors that Fox has ever had. Kelly even got the honor of hosting a few of the presidential primary debates last year.

On Tuesday, it was revealed that Kelly is going to leave Fox News for a new job with NBC News. The amount she was offered in her NBC contract has not been disclosed as of yet. According to reports, Chairman Andrew Lack of NBC News tried to encourage Kelly to leave Fox News by making her a very generous offer. With NBC News, she’ll be able to host a daytime news program of her own, take part in big NBC events and special programming, and she’ll get to anchor a Sunday night news show.

Kelly had been the second most watched news host on cable news, with Bill O’Reilly being the most watched. Some say that Kelly got a huge boost in popularity last year after hosting the presidential debates and having to endure numerous personal attacks made by the now President-elect Donald Trump.  Kelly also made headlines after it was revealed that former Fox News chairman Roger Ailes had allegedly sexually harassed numerous women within the organization, including Kelly.

21st Century Fox, which owns Fox News, reportedly offered Kelly over $20 million if she would stay with them after her contract expires in 2017. NBC News even stated that they couldn’t match the $20 million that Fox was willing to pay her. So, if she is going to NBC News then it must not necessarily be about the money. Perhaps it is about the numerous news shows that she’ll be able to host with the network.

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